1966 Triumph TR4A.

January 6, 2013



great white tiburon said...

OMG, just dropped my jaw in awe when I saw these pics. this is the best tr4 I have ever seen. those slot mags are a great asset to the look of the car. beautiful ride, I will stir in it's beauty for several more minutes.

Justin said...

TR4 in British Racing Green+slotmags=win.

sexyhammer said...

slot mags look good on anything, but in this case i think the diameter is slightly too big for the car. looks like a matchbox or hotwheels.

this really needs a set of 13" minilites or some redrilled Libres.

clifton.ra said...

The TR's had large diameter wheels with a narrow width.
The tire may have a slightly higher side profile due to a non-stock mag-wheel width ratio.