1967 Datsun 520.

January 3, 2013



Tony Piff said...

you spotted this there??? i've definetely seen those taillights driving around portland, but haven't been able to photograph. awesome, or comical, to think of it being driven that far.

it's probably an illusion caused by the strange wheels, but those tires look stout. and awesome.

maybe my favorite face on a minitruck. i snagged a haynes manual at the Bins, because you have to get one, ben.

ridiculous light.

Ben Piff said...

Yep, within the following week I realized it lives in my neighborhood. Often seen outside the Peculiarium.

JG said...

Always wanted to be able to locate one of these in this condition.. would love to have one!

vanilla said...

Skidded on over from "Down the Road." Nice gallery of old iron! Keep up the good work.

Justin said...

This is a minitruck that could survive an apocalypse-barebones utilitarian J-tin. Love it.