1974 Saab Sonett.

January 16, 2013



J+ said...

Wow, nice unrestored find! Where were the plates from?
Apparently all classic SAAB owners have a Vanagon in the background (I do)

great white tiburon said...

oh man, now envy has crawled back into my mind. these are one of the few opc's I have seen around me. I have seen 3 of them all parked in a driveway of some sort. in my younger days I almost saved up enough to buy one at a local used car dealer but they sold it before I had enough to buy it. I wanted it so bad and I still do. whoever snagged this one is one lucky duck, this is my dream saab.

Justin said...

Great patina-hope the owner keeps it. :P

Anonymous said...

mk3, square rear lights reveal this. Mk I had round ones (but I don't remember Mk II).

Anyway, this is something I was actively trying to buy some years a go and nearest ones were then in Canada (me being in EU), not very handy.

Sweden had some left but all I could find were museum pieces and either not for sale or priced accordingly.

That has changed a bit, there are now three Mk IIIs for sale in Germany alone, not ultra expensive either (<$10k). Now I just don't have the budget.

adam.giguere said...

I've never even seen one of these, and I live in Massachusetts!

Jelger said...

@Anounymous 19-Jan:
Probably you are confused with Sonett (I)(Saab 94), Sonett-II/V4 (Saab 97) and Sonett-III (Saab 97). All 3 of them are (entirely) different models (bodies), so more than just taillights reveal the difference... ;-)
The Sonett-II had round taillights. And the first Sonett is an open racer of which only 6 originals have been produced.

As for availability in Sweden... by far most Sonetts (II and III) were shipped to the USA. So that's where to look really, although obviously quite a few have been imported back to Europe.

Unknown said...

believe it or not ive seen a couple in ohio.so close to an old z car i like the shape but they dont look like a great driver. i'd paint it brite solar green w the black trim