1966 Volvo 122S Station Wagon.

September 19, 2013



Anonymous said...

Do you really ride a bike like that when you're like 30? haha

It's just that I never see that for anyone that age.

Ben Piff said...

It's ridiculous for transportation, but still one of our favorite hobbies. Watch this.

Caristas said...

Promise you didn't ice-pick the 122S!

(OK, I might not fully understand what an ice-pick involves ...)

Tony Piff said...

epic find on so many levels:

-perfect patina
-paint-matched steelies with dog-dish volvo hubcaps
-my favorite volvo bodystyle maybe
-parked by our no-longer-extant highschool hangout in our "hometown"
-featuring ben's bike
-and featuring a pretty sweet mural
-and ben linked to our video

seriously, this might be the next old car i buy and this one is everything i hope to find.