1986 Toyota Hilux 1 Ton Custom Cab.

September 15, 2013



christopher said...

A funny thing happened: I was browsing my local classifieds and a 1986 Toyota 1 ton was posted. I had never heard of this vehicle before and did some research on it. Lo and behold, one was posted here!

dead_elvis said...

@christopher - normal Toyota 1-ton pickup trucks didn't look like this. The extra-large extra cab was an aftermarket conversion (dealership maybe? I've never seen any outside of the Pac NW, possibly very northern Cal).

The factory ones just said "1 Ton" on the tailgate. Suspension was uprated from the standard truck, not sure if there were braking changes.

I've always found these Custom Cab versions kinda ugly. The proportions are off.

Justin said...

Those graphics seem to be mandatory on old pickup coachbuilds from the late 70's-mid 80's.

Tony Piff said...

yes, the proportions are off, but what a satisfying find.

i wonder how many times a day the owner has turn down offers to sell it.