1982 Dodge Rampage, Revisited.

September 27, 2013

Last seen in 2010 via an iPhone.


cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

who thought of calling a vehicle Rampage? Why not plain old 'Disgruntled' or 'Angry and Careless'.

Richard said...

Yes I remember these vehicles This was one Chrysler had a spark of light in their company and they were trying different things Do you remember the E class limo? This was when Lee Iacocca was Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation

Unknown said...

I owned the Plymouth Scamp. Same car. True that they were just made one year ? I kinda miss mine.

Tony Piff said...

a sky like that makes me want to rephotograph old cars. a worthy revisit.

fun fact: google street view shows that same car parked in front of that same shipping container.

CarOli said...

Yes, the Scamp was a 1983 only. I remember the Scamp badge was the same plastic one they used on the 1976 Valiant Scamp. Dexter, is that true or was it just a decal in the same font?

CarOli said...

This would be a good place to list the rare US market cars that haven't appeared on OPC yet.

1983 Plymouth Scamp
1983 Nissan Pulsar (Not NX) 2-door or 4-door hatchback
1987-90 Nissan Sentra 4-door hatchback
1990-92 Nissan Stanza
1987-90 Nissan Van
1987-93 (Daewoo) Pontiac LeMans
1980 Rover 3500 (American SD1)

Any more? These should be no sweat to spot after finding rarities like the LaForza, Mitsubishi Galant, Sigma, Cordia, and Tredia!

Justin said...

IIRC, all 4 of those Nissans have been posted.
Anyways, this Rampage looks a bit better than it did last time. Love the Malaise-tastic paintjob and pinstripes

CarOli said...

I double-checked and I did see the Nissan Van, but the other Nissans aren't on OPC. The Curbside Classic site found a Pulsar: http://www.curbsideclassic.com/curbside-classics-asian/curbside-classic-1983-nissan-pulsar-five-door-so-rare-i-forgot-it-existed/

clifton.ra said...

"...who thought of calling a vehicle Rampage? Why not plain old 'Disgruntled' or 'Angry and Careless'..."
How do you stop a stampeding elephant?
Step on his stampeter.