Happy Thanksgiving from OPC! 1958 Edsel Corsair.

November 28, 2013



CSS said...

WOW! The car of my dreams.

Justin said...

WOW is right...look at that color. Really brings out the lines.

Tony Piff said...

what a great opc. so wonderful to see this thing sitting curbside in the rain. i wonder if there are any original-owner edsels out there.

funny to think that fifty years ago this would've just been someone's daily driver. maybe he even thought the tri-tone tan color was timelessly fashionable and would never look dated. but he didn't regard it as a "classic."

and funny to think that there was a moment of cultural shift -- a moment before which edsels really were just uncelebrated used cars -- and after which, they would forever be regarded as classics. it's probably not accurate to call it a "moment." it was more of a slow shift that took place over decades.

but still, it's funny to think that there really was someone out there who was the last person to drive an edsel without thinking of it as a classic. i wonder who that person was and when that moment was.

sexyhammer said...

Your pictures highlight the yonic grille opening perfectly. Also: JDM hood prop mod!

captaingizmo54 said...

Almost bought a '58 Citation 2-door hardtop in the fall of '78. The price: just $10.00. That was
the amount on the tow ticket. I had the cash to do the deed, but my wife said "no dice." It
was Gold, Black, and White. I found out later from the guy that bought it that the tranny link-
age was loose, causing the tranny not to shift properly. Seeing that car reminds me of that
day I missed out on a real bargain. That was the only day I wished I wasn't married.

Wyld Club said...

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