1985 Dodge Daytona "XKE."

November 23, 2013



SeattleO said...

You know, I was gonna say...this looks like an E-Type.
Gotta love those rims.

Joseph said...

You're too old to be riding a bike like that Ben. If I saw a 30 or older guy jumping stairs or a curb on a bike like that I would just think he was too old not that he looked cool.

I jump curbs on my road bike sometimes but the bike fits my size and I'm riding somewhere so it works. I'm not just in one area attempting to trick everything like a child.

and how do you have any dignity after driving that Scion?

I'm a very truthful person and many people I know think I'm at war with them. It's just that many people can't handle the truth and have a line that can't be crossed. I don't have any line that can't be crossed.

I would never have a car, bike, girlfriend etc. that would give anyone a chance to say something negative. Unfortunately I couldn't chose my own name at birth but even that can be changed.

SeattleO said...

What kind of bike and car do you have? I'm sure I can say something negative about each one.

Justin said...

Joseph....that's harsh, man.
Anyways, those wheels on the Daytona....80's overload!

CM said...

Not only wheels but the louvers, the crisp lines and wedges, and big decals on the side...this is the quintessential 80's car! I love it!

Tony Piff said...

joey, i think you're mistaking "truth" for "honesty," which in this case is pretty much the same thing as "opinion."

i also think your notion of integrity is backwards. you should do what you think is right not because it's what others would approve of, but in spite of their approval.

this sort of confusion is closely related to "judgement" (as in "judging" or "being judgemental"), and that's what most of your peers probably find obnoxious--not "truth."

that said, one cool thing about growing up is, not only do you realize how petty and irrelevant your own judgements of others are--you also realize how petty and irrelevant the judgements of others are.

regarding the specific criticisms in this particular post, well, we'd be happy to hash those out in person over a pot of coffee if you ever visit portland.

so hate on, joey, and bring the truth. we can handle it.


tony & ben

Tony Piff said...

and @ben: i'm pretty bugged you posted this, 'cause i was gonna post it a week ago, and the only reason i didn't was your freshly posted '84 charger.

i think your pics are as good as mine, though. plus, yours have a bmx in the background.

Anonymous said...

Centra wheels?

And indeed, if one thinks about it, any car or bike or girlfriend et al can be mocked. Most of the time, doing so or refraining comes back to the idea of keeping your mouth shut and risking appearing stupid or opening it and removing all doubt.

Anonymous said...

Can't be many still left. Side view "borrowed" from the Porsche 928 & second gen. RX7.

DrVoo said...

Appears that portions of several other cars were copied and reassembled to come up with design; the parts don't really gel very well, do they? The mid section in profile looks shrunken in proportion to the front and rear parts. Maybe if the wheels were farther out towards the front and rear ends, it would have the proper balance. I'm thinking the Plymouth version (Omni??) was better looking, but I may be forgetting something...

Richard said...

I love those first-generation G bodies
1984-86... I thought they were very sharp. Second-generation G bodies seemed more rounded off.