1964 Chevrolet Nova "Pickup."

December 7, 2013

1964 Chevrolet Nova Pickup.
1964 Chevrolet Nova Pickup.
1964 Chevrolet Nova Pickup.
custom cup holder
1964 Chevrolet Nova Pickup.


Justin said...

Oh man, that is sweet. Looks great with those Olds Rallye wheels on it.

Anonymous said...

Mind = blown. Nice homebrew, most creative. Factory should have offered a pickup version.

Anonymous said...

Well done

SeattleO said...

Yeah, really nice work. I guess this would be a ute. Kind of a what if--Chevy downsized the El Camino to the compact, like Ford with the Ranchero.
Nice old Cannondale in the back as well.

adam.giguere said...

I've seen an "El Camino" made from a 63 Chevy

hp kid said...

It looks great!

Jay Tyan said...

wow, this is really well done!