1965 MG 1100.

December 1, 2013

1965 MG 1100 1300 Saloon.
1965 MG 1100 1300 Saloon.
Royal Air Force Squadron IXIX sticker
1965 MG 1100 1300 Saloon.


Anonymous said...

OPC has reached a new Lowes with this posting.


Seriously, when's the last time anyone saw one of these running around town? Like, never. Remarkable find.

Tony Piff said...

last weekend, i was getting into my truck with a friend after some lowe's shopping with a friend, and i said to him, "this parking lot always has old parked cars. there's probably something here i need to photograph before we leave. let me grab my camera." i scanned the lot with a slow 360-degree pivot, and just as i was almost feeling disappointed, i caught a glimpse of vintage A-pillar through a sunlit hedge. "what the hell is that?" i said.

it was this.

serious demerits for my shadow visible in shot #1.

Anonymous said...

The perfect car for an English literature professor!

Unknown said...

One of these passed me three times while out on a bike ride this fall. Poor old fella kept breaking down while his owner, another old fella, kept getting out to pop the hood. His female passenger was none too pleased. This was in Varberg, Sweden where oddities like this are quietly preserved and kept in safe order due to strict inspection laws. Cant say Ive seen one in homeland usa.

Ben Piff said...

I'm so glad to see the 1100 tag growing, with this stunning example. And hey, now we've seen them in RHD and LHD.

For real, this thing is awesome. I can't recall so much style and presence being stuffed into such a small package anywhere else. All the trim and hub caps pop off that green with such satisfaction, I'm in love.

Justin said...

Really good looking in British Racing Green with black dogdishes.

Anonymous said...

These had, er, a less than stellar reputation for reliability. Especially the Austin America version. I know this shocks those of you who have owned British cars.