1975 Ford Granada.

December 15, 2013



JJ McMahon said...

Again, thanks again for these splendid images. Maybe, for some people, these are just pictures of and old car in some suburban neighborhood of the US, but for people like me, who live in another very different country, this is like a Norman Rockwell paint!
Anyway, I remember well the Granada's, from the years I lived in Paraguay; it was a popular car between some public authorities (the Ford importer was the Stroessner Presidential Secretary!).
Even if this wasn't the "best of times" for American Motor Industry, I believe that this Ford was a decent straightforward car.

Anonymous said...

The Grenada or as we liked to call it, "The Grenade" was a reliable, slow, dodgy car that got you where you needed to go with a comfortable ride.

My parents had the Grenada, and my Aunt liked it so much she purchased the Mercury equivalent the "Monarch".

hp kid said...

My schools Drivers Education car. I learned to hate fords on a whole new level because of this car. My favorite feature was horn on the end of the turn signal. Brilliant!

Justin said...

Nice color combo....love those hubcaps as well.

Tim in MO said...

My parents had one - forgot about the fancy seal on the turnsignal lens - nice job of photographing that. Yes, it was slow and handled poorly, but it just kept running.

Tony Piff said...

oh, man. how did i miss commenting on this for a whole month?

what a huge amount of detail for a malaise-mobile, and it's all so intact!

those thin-stripe whitewalls, red-dot hubcaps and chrome fender lips are QUITE the striking combo.

the car is flashier than the little mint-green home behind it, but looks like exactly the place the senior-citizen owner of this car would live.

maybe this is his or her prized possession.

Tony Piff said...

@juan: great call on the "norman rockwell painting."

captaingizmo54 said...

I owned a couple of these. A '75 and a '79. If you wanted to blend into a crowd, just
buy one of these. Both mine were powered by the 250 cubic inch six cylinder engine
mated to a Ford slushbox tranny. What a snoremobile.