1963 Rambler Classic 770.

March 9, 2014

1963 Rambler Classic 770.
1963 Rambler Classic 770.
1963 Rambler Classic 770.


Calvin said...

use of hubcap resources is at maximum efficiency here

Anonymous said...

All that steam on the windows, probably as wet on the inside as the outside.

twmfam3 said...

Learned to drive in one just like it, my moms car. I believe the 63 Rambler was the Car and Driver car of the year that year.
Ted M.

captaingizmo54 said...

Indeed it was, Ted. Still looks sharp today. Takes me back to the fall of '79 when my wife and
I were eldersitting for an elderly woman in our town. She had one of these in her garage. I got
the job of starting it every day we were there. I got that job after the old woman tried to start
it while the garage door was closed. If I recall, hers had just 39,000 miles showing at that time.
Wish I had that car today.