1988 Pontiac Sunbird GT Turbo Convertible.

March 27, 2014


This must be the quintessential Sunbird Turbo owner.


Mikael said...

At least he/she had the common decency to hide the toilet seat behind the Lincoln.

CarOli said...

Actually this has to be an '88 or '89. GM redesigned the J-car coupe and convertible body from squared off to rounded and swoopy for the '88 model year. You can see the difference in the pictured car and the video car (which is actually an '87). The cutline for the top curves up on the '88 and the rear trunkline and taillights are rounder.

While Chevrolet got a new nose cone for '88 with flush halogen headlamps, Pontiac carried over the half-hidden headlamp nose they introduced on the 1986 sporty models until 1994. The base sunbirds got the Cav's nose with a different grille.

Yes, I am the world's worst car nerd. :)

Ben Piff said...

Whew, thanks CarOli. I'm not even going to check any of what you said, I'll just take your word for it.

What do you guys think of the front license plate/holder in the video?

Anonymous said...

Romaine lettuce and elongated toilet. Hm.

Jay Tyan said...