Sunday Bonus: 1978 Audi Fox, Revisited.

September 25, 2011


Previously seen here, without its work cap.


Ben Piff said...

If this car still lives where I last saw it, I really pity it's daily commute and workload. Seen here on the East side of Gresham.

Look at that front license plate, I've never seen anything like it but didn't feel right posting a closeup of the condition.

It looks like someone went at it with a variety of tools (and a sandblaster), with this specific look in mind.

The Professor said...

I love these cars! (BTW, a small grammatical misake: It should be "Without its work cap, not "it's."

Anonymous said...

To the professor, BTW, a small grammatical "misake". It should be mistake, not misake!