Still With Us: 1966 Rover 2000TC.

May 9, 2014

My response to Ben's Opel moss farm. Subject of the very first post on this blog, later transitioned from curbside parking to a nearby private lot, where it stayed for more than a year before vanishing as soon as Ben photographed it. But don't worry. Here it rests, having moved fewer than 10 blocks in four years. The car seems comfortable, and I'll be keeping tabs on the progress of the moss. (Blogroll homeboy Mao loved it, too.)

The deteriorating strands of duct tape is an effect I hadn't seen before.

1966 Rover 2000TC
1966 Rover 2000TC
1966 Rover 2000TC
1966 Rover 2000TC
1966 Rover 2000TC


captaingizmo54 said...

I've never seen one of these! Wonder
just what it would take to get this car
back to drivable status. Looks like parts
would be the big issue. I could see
dropping a GM 4 or V-6 under the hood
mated to a 700R4 gearbox. At least
this car could be driven most every day.
I did this to '61Jaguar 4-door sedan I
once owned. I swapped in a 350 V-8
backed by a TH350 auto tranny. I did
this not to hot rod the car, but rather
to be able to enjoy it as a beater. Ah,
the things you learn from HOT ROD

Unknown said...

In this day and age, thanks to the interweb, parts need not be an issue! Check out Better to keep it original if it ever gets the attention it deserves.

sittinaround said...

It was originally designed to be fitted with a turbine. A V8 would be a tight fit (see Rover 3500S), better to keep the 4 cylinder. It makes a great sound with the twin carbs. I've owned a Rover 3 Litre and would love to try one of these. Deluxe transport!

Mikael said...

Grace Kelly was killed driving one of these.

That is by no means the car's fault: I'm sure it did everything it could not to start at all, in the best British Leyland tradition.

Grumpy Cat said...

Wow. Surprising that this beatiful old Rover is staying alive. Great shots, Tony. Best of? Please?

Justin said...

Agreed with Grumpy Cat 100 percent. Best of material for sure.

captaingizmo54 said...

Agreed. Here in Florida, a lot of British cars get crushed because the local mechanics
are afraid to work on them. They lack the specialized tools needed to keep them
running. Yes, I've seen Daimlers, Sunbeams, Rolls Royces and so on, but you can bet
that they're running ford, Chevy, or Chrysler engines. I saw a Maseratti 4-door sedan
get crushed because of their fear of foreign cars. If it ain't American, they won't touch

RK - No relation said...

A 3.5 aluminum V8 version of this car did exist, predating the uglier Rover 3500 of the seventies. I saw lots of them in red with hood scoops and alloy wheels, all from factory!