1975 Chevrolet Vega.

May 12, 2015

1975 Chevrolet Vega
1975 Chevrolet Vega
1975 Chevrolet Vega


Richard said...

Father brought A 75 Vega brand-new. It was a green notchback with a Standard transmission. I was going on five when he (we) had it. He only owned it for a few months, unfortunately a gypsy cab Pontiac smashed into the thing while it was parked somewhere in the Bronx (Throgs neck section). He was really taken back seeing how the backseat was collapsed after he got to see the car. He ended up replacing the car with a stripped 74 Dodge Dart Sport. It was a left over. Nothing really against the Dart, but I as I got older I kind of wished we could of kept that Vega if it were possible. As a result of my age at the time I "Vaguely" remembered being in that car. I do remember one incident which I believe was in the Chevy Vega. There was a song called Love Machine by the Miracles (It came out in 75 as well) We were on our way to a restaurant. I remembered my sister and I thought it was funny the way the song sounded when one of the singers went Oooh YEA!! The DART had no radio, and the station wagon was too big. So it had to be that Vega. I'll tell you one thing these cars disappeared faster than the Gremlin and Pinto

RoadmasterMike said...

Is that a Cosworth or just done up as a Cosworth wannabe?
like somebody barfing..
I remember the song Love Machine....we always joked it sounded

Anonymous said...

I was riding my bike today and rode past a guy driving a 1970 El Camino and I gave a thumbs up, except people don't expect someone riding a road bike to like old cars lol.

Justin said...

Wondering the same thing as Mike. Real Mccoy Cosworth or a knock off "tribute"?

sexyhammer said...

looks like a turd. the only neat thing about these was the innovative rail shipping method GM employed to distribute them.

i remember seeing one in some sort of drab green color, all by its lonesome in a dimly-lit strip mall lot. the owner either worked at the comic book store or the head shop nearby, equally telling of the type of person still operating these today.

even in cosworth form, keeping one must be a labor of love and a form of masochism on the level of that sect of flagellate monks; you will toil endlessly, you won't be enjoying the process and you definitely won't be getting laid either.

Ted P. said...

The wheels and the black body color do say "Cosworth Vega", so perhaps the decals were removed?

Tramontine said...

Rare spot, my the mid 80's these cars had essentially vanished due to rust and melted motors! Probably a plain jane Vega with Cosworth wheels. I always liked the styling of the Vega