1964 Dodge Dart 270.

July 11, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts! The main OPC computer crashed. Don't worry — it should be fixed soon, and all photos were saved. Thanks for your patience.


Garrysr said...

I'd drive that... and good to see you posting!

RoadmasterMike said...

Good to see the site up and running again! Always my first stop when I cruise 'round the internet.

The car- is there anyone who doesn't like a Valiant/Dart? I'd drive this one in a heartbeat. Love the old school Cragars in general but they are just so *wrong* for this particular car....it's needs it's factory dog dish hubcaps back

Tony S said...

Glad to see new posts Ben.

Nice location. I particularly like the first shot. The curves in the road resemble the curves in the car, and the blue contrasts nicely with the surrounding browns & greys.

News of computer troubles reminds me to do a back up.

Justin said...

Just as everyone else said, great to see new posts.
The Cragars and mild patina make this Dart a looker. Love the shot of the 270 badge with morning dew.

Tony Piff said...

love that profile composition with the off-axis modernist shitcube in the background. this gen of dart has such a great face.