1971 Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab.

July 25, 2015



dead_elvis said...

Probably my favorite iteration of the baywindow Type 2, especially with the canvas cargo cover! Gotta love that sun-blasted license plate (possibly original? not sure what Oregon plates looked like back then, or if they stay with a vehicle from owner to owner). Too bad about all that rust along the lower edges, but I love seeing these in use & not shined up as trailer queens.

This most likely isn't a '71 - that style of wheel ended in '70, and the round side markers were only on '68 & '69 Type 2s (rectangular ones appeared in '70). If the door handles have a thumb button (vs the squeeze trigger on the inside of the handle), this is a '68.

Anonymous said...

Very cool bay window double cab! A rare sight in the US thanks to the "chicken tax" which places a bias on imported light duty commercial vehicles.

Tony Piff said...

bay window double-cab! i had to click through the transporters tag to remind myself that i'd seen one of these before. the accessory roof rack and canvas topper look like recent additions from an enthusiast, but the rusty hubcaps and rockers show that it hasn't lived a sheltered life.

i wonder how a rig like this lasts 50 years with that quantity of rust — it must've been in the desert all of its life and then just got exposed to road salt in the past decade or so?