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April 30, 2016

Hi OPCers, just an FYI we haven't forgotten about you. I just moved into a new house and have been awaiting internet installation. Great posts are in the pipeline, so subscribe to the blog and we'll be back at it soon.
-Ben Piff


Tony Piff said...


maybe the owner runs a safari park. was there seating in back?

added the "split windows" tag.

Anonymous said...

Larger than a Canyonero.

Raf Everest said...

No worries, I keep checking it, looking forward to new amazing pics.

Anonymous said...

These are actually up in Bellingham. The guy that drives them is completely crazy. He daily drives these, usually with a pack of dogs in the back. If you run into him in the street, depending on the day you get some crazy stories. He personally told me he owns 10,000! unimogs, but they are in a field in Germany. He's told others the same story, but sometimes it's 1,000 and other times 400.

Tyler said...

Like the color on that truck.