1986 Shelby GLHS.

April 23, 2016



Unknown said...

I didn't remember that this existed. In some ways I can't believe it existed. I really can't believe this example is still in this good shape.

Thomas said...

I thought this was looking very familiar, it has same roots as Talbot Horizon which was made in Finland at Saab-Valmet at that time, so there were a lot of those in the traffic.

Wiki tells us that Shelby GLH-S has in theory the same Simca 1442cc engine, "just" turbocharged and intercooled ending up with 174 bhp. That is a lot for a light car, just 2200 lbs (1000 kg).

I remember I've seen GLHS in pictures somewhere in the 80s, just because common roots and local production (of Horizon, not GLH-S), but I don't think any of these were ever imported from US.

Tony Piff said...

never seen one!

however, A collection of these '80s Shelbys actually sold at auction last year. Hilarious stuff. Most of the cars were super-low-mile preservation pieces, but they all sold under $25k.

so psyched to get some more shelby opcs in here.

Unknown said...

The Shelby GLH-S was only made in 1986. The last 500 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo's were sent to Caroll Shelby's factory and modified extensively and turned into GLLH-S's. They shared no mechanical or suspension parts with the European Horizon's. They had the Chrysler 2.2 Turbo I engine modified with an inter-cooler and bigger turbo. My first car was a 1986 Dodge Omni-GLH Turbo, that I picked up from a junkyard for $350. They have build kits for the 2.2 motors from Forward Motion that can take a stock Turbo 1 or Turbo II to well over 400 horsepower. You are correct none of the 500 GLH-S's were ever exported out of the US.

Justin said...

Sweet, I knew one of these would pop up on OPC eventually.

Trevor said...

That is an incredibly rare car to see parked on the street! There is one of these at the Shelby Factory and Museum in Las Vegas.

sexyhammer said...

where pretty rare meets incredibly undesirable.

"hey i have this FWD 1980's MOPAR economy hatchback in a rare trim level with the power:weight ratio comparable to a modern Toyota Camry. what do you think it's worth?"

all 500 of these belong in museum exhibits devoted to the sad state of performance vehicles during this era so current and future generations understand how good they have it when they go shopping for a sporty new car.