Even Boxier Than Your Christmas Gifts: 1986 Lada Riva 2107.

December 25, 2016

Lada Riva 2107
Lada Riva 2107
Lada Riva 2107


Anonymous said...

it has uaz logos all over the grill haha

Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to "Red Square".

great white tiburon said...

cool find, where I live in Illinois there is someone who owns a couple of Gaz Volga's from the late 60's so I guess there are a lot more Russian cars in America than I first thought. Gotta wonder where they get replacement parts though, do they get them from Russia or have they adapted parts from another make that is easily available over here. Still remember the lada niva you guys found a while back, still one of my favorite posts.

Sneaky Pete said...

I think Lada is the Russian word for "turd". They're considered a step up the quality and status ladder for former Yugo owners who want something better, but who haven't reached the lofty heights of the 1980 Renault Le Car yet....

Anonymous said...

No, you're wrong about turd. Lada has a great popularity in Russia because of low price and adequate quality and equipment. I had 2101,2106,2107,Kalina, now i drive Vesta - she is excellent. Of course, we have here some people, who like foreign makes. To my opinion these people are real turd. And this 2107 - in very nice condition, nice to see it beyond the ocean.

sexyhammer said...

that's a whole lada wasted potential with the knockoff ccws and russian road approved ride height.






Thomas said...

Nice 2107 here. I'll bet it has been re-painted as it looks much better than ever from factory. (AFAIK that red isn't factory colours either.)

Here in North (Finland) these (actually late 70s models, not exactly this) were the most common car at one point as it was very cheap and this was a poor country then. Also cold winters and bad roads.

On the other hand many people wouldn't buy it because it as made in Soviet Union, old enemy from WWII.

Funny thing is that when SU/Russia liberated their tourism (to outside), most of these were bought back to there and thus are quite rare now. Not cheap either, $2k won't buy a decent one and pretty one, like in the picture, is easily $4k.

Евгений Иванченко said...

Блин, в таком сохране! У меня такая была, только белая!

I say, this car is in a fine condotion, a great respect to owner. I had such a car (in white) as my first car, it was wery plesant - well-working motor, soft suspension, comfortable seats, strong body and high clearance. I coul drive it on russian rouds of all the kinds.

Millenium Falcon said...

Lada not turd. Here,in the UK some for sale on ebay. From £1200-5000. Quality good,and easy to tuning. Example double40-45 Weber,"sharper" camshaft etc. In Hungary in "H" group (rally) Lada still the best,I mean visual.