Special Delivery! 1963 Willys Jeep wagon and a Canoe.

December 25, 2016

1963 Willys Jeep wagon
1963 Willys Jeep wagon
1963 Willys Jeep wagon


Sneaky Pete said...

The original SUVs! These things were the epitome of simplicity and durability. ...when 4x4's were actually made to go off-road, as opposed to shuttling suburban kids to soccer games, and they didn't cost the Moon. From a time when things were actually made to be used, rather than as status symbols.

Anonymous said...

Best of '16 material (late entry)

Anonymous said...

Not a "Mall Crawler". These finally got a one pane windshield, very late in their lives. First all steel (Post WW2) wagon.

john said...


sexy hammer said...

nobody wants to comment on that awesome canoe?! if i could find one local, i'd never leave the local lakes and its many creeks and streams.