And a Happy 1983 Plymouth Horizon!

December 31, 2016

This final old parked car of 2016 is a direct reference to the final opc of 2010 — a frost-covered, two-tone brown 1982 Mercury Lynx hatchback that stands as one of my favorite posts of all time, and a car that I've never seen again, even though I drive through the neighborhood pretty much every morning. Six years later and just around the block, this frosty morsel appeared out of the cosmos.

...Good things are on the horizon, and I'm not talking about that wooden roof rack.

1983 Plymouth Horizon
1983 Plymouth Horizon
1983 Plymouth Horizon


Anonymous said...

The pizza guy in Home Alone drives one of these haha.

Sneaky Pete said...

Best of '17 !!!!

Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year chaps. Inquiring minds want to see the 89 Caprice in front.


Anonymous said...

1983 Horizon my first new car. I miss it.

salguod said...

Based on the two small dents in the rear door, it looks like the same car as this one:

Tony Piff said...

Salguod, I checked before posting and concluded it was a different car based on the plates and roof rack. I can't see the dents you're talking about, but if you remembered that old post, you're paying closer attention than I am, so I'll give you the nod. Thanks for making my morning!

salguod said...

I can't take credit for remembering it, it was in the "Related Posts" that Blogger puts up.

I did note the plate difference and the lack of the wood rack in the older post, but the roof rack strips are there in both and perhaps the car changed hands in the past 3.5 years, which would explain the new plates.

The dents are more easily seen in the front 3/4 shot in the older post. Once you know what to look for, you can see them in the rear 3/4 shot here, or at least I think I can.

I'm not sure what's more interesting, that you may have found the same car again or that there may be two two-tone brown Horizons still running around there.

salguod said...

Actually, look at the windshield trim on the passenger side. Both have the same lone black piece, I think it's definitely the same car.

Sneaky Pete said...

Very good catch, Salgood! Gotta love stuff like this!

I was really trying to find differences to prove that they were different cars....but I do think they are the same car, based solely on the fact that if you look at the is bent exactly the same way on both cars!

Richard said...

I like the two-tone on the Plymouth Horizon it's that early 80s stuff that has been forgotten about and maybe now it's starting to get admired
Picture #1 the pink house in the background

Thomas said...

Ooh, Horizon.

This is one of those rare models made/assembled locally (Finland, Uusikaupunki factory), as Talbot Horizon.

They (Valmet automotive/Saab Valmet) also made a version using kerosene as fuel because it was much cheaper than gasoline. Power loss of course and quite bad exhaust smell.

These tend to rust away quite fast (at least here in North) but otherwise not too bad for a small car.

hotlipsporter said...

It is indeed the same car. I'm the owner. I built the roof rack ;) It used to have OR plates, but I lived in WA for a while. Still keeping her running...haven't seen another Horizon on the road in the five years I've owned her. She's my baby! Love her.

hotlipsporter said...

Oh, and by the way, I get compliments ALL the time on my roof rack, so it appears that good things ARE on the Horizon, after-all.

Sludge said...

I recently saw an Omni or Horizon in fabulous shape.

Where? Where else. Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Richard said...

That's cool that you did that to the roof . I was thinking about starting a blog here in New York - New Jersey , though I'm afraid people would get angry at me taking photographs of their cars .... Oh well