1961 Buick Skylark Hardtop.

May 24, 2010



Anonymous said...

Nothing like an early 60's american midsize 2 door. Untapped hot rod potential. You see lots of worked over falcons but check the lines on this baby. Probably the same chassis as a Nova/tempest.
Just add fuel injected Small-block and enjoy!

Like the white car on the grey-with-white-trim-house.

clifton.ra said...

The Skylark, The Pontiac Tempest and the Oldsmobile F-85.
GM called this a compact, 112.1 inch wheelbase.
Engines: ohv V-6, 1962-1963 Special 198 cid (3.63 × 3.20), 135 bhp; ohv V-8, 1961-1963 Special 215 cid (3.50 × 2.80), 155 bhp, 1961 Skylark 185 bhp, 1962 Skylark 190 bhp, 1963 Skylark 200 bhp
Transmissions: 3-speed manual; 4-speed manual (1962-1963) 2-speed Dual-Path Turbine Drive automatic optional
Suspension, front: upper and lower A-arms, coil springs
Suspension, rear: 4-link live axle, coil springs
Brakes: front/rear drums
Wheelbase (in.): 112.1
Weight (lbs.): 2,579-2,896
Top speed (mph): 95-107
0-60 mph (sec): V-6 14.4-15.0, V-8 10.2-14.0