1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon Hardtop.

May 19, 2010



Unknown said...


Tony Piff said...

i'm pretty impressed with the whole new yorker series. great hardtop example.

i'd drive the hell out of that thing.

Ben Piff said...

I just found out they made a WAGON version of this hardtop, it is the best thing ever. I can't wait to find one.

bk said...

this thing screams "murder".

Tony Piff said...

actually, it does.

Anonymous said...

Good chance there's a factory hemi under that hood. They started off in the big luxo-barges and 300s.
Car looks straight and original.
Consider getting some interior shots in the future ... especially when the windows are DOWN ;)

Nicely done.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I had one of those... This one is not a Salon. How to tell: the front fender "New Yorker" script is up higher on the fender and has "Salon" under it.

And 413 wedge was only engine for both New Yorkers and 300s. The hemi was over at dodge and plymouth.