1965 Land Rover Series IIA Station Wagon.

May 17, 2010



Unknown said...

Now THAT'S an SUV.None of this latte sipping posh asswipe BS they make nowadays.

Ben Piff said...

Massive and intimidating. Whenever I see an old Rover like this, I wonder what kind of life it's lived. Hopefully an adventurous one.

Unknown said...

I wonder if this old gal is my ol Pokey Pete. Had her for almost 34 years and regretted selling her. She took us from British Honduras (Belese) to Alaska to the Mississippi River etc. and always got us home to Colorado and Arizona. You needed a good sense of humor, plenty of spare Lucas stuff, and tools with you before you left your house for any trip. Always had a spare Lucas generator and starter in the back. Those werethe days!