1979 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country.

May 30, 2010

The wooden giant returning gracefully to its earth mother, unlike its brother here.


Tony Piff said...

the decomposing wood is remarkably lifelike and disturbing. *winces*

Anonymous said...

That imitation wood grain decal was made by 3M.

clifton.ra said...

I watched a VHS tape series, about 10 years ago, on Auto restoration. The hosts restored a '46 ford imitation wood-grain dashboard by painting the wood-grain like it came from Ford. It looked like actual wood. The series was hosted by two KY brothers, older men,who were real craftsmen. They re-skinned a door panel on a '56 Chevy. The tips on preparing rusted chrome for a re-plating was essential to retaining crisp, original design lines in the part. Many inexperienced restorers ruin chrome pieces which can't be replaced.

4oClock said...

Hi, Three and a bit years later this 'classic' is still there. looking a little cleaner, but it was sunny. It's great, and very funny, to come across your shot while trying to find out what this bad-boy was, thanks.