1942 Chevrolet AK Pickup.

March 12, 2012



Tony Piff said...

so tough, and the patina feels nicely authentic. intact hubcaps are nice to see.

these old round-fender trucks have grown on me dramatically lately, but i'm frankly just not interested if there isn't a split windshield.

Anonymous said...

Hell, it's a rare sight to find one of these on it's original frame instead of some S10 frame.

Looking good.

Dave said...

A '42 is a rare beast indeed. Only in production for about a month & a 1/2. Dig the rear bumper! Cover the cab with your hand and you can see the Advanced Design bed. Chevy truck designers always knew when they had a good thing. Why else would they stick with the same bed designs for decades? (ex. '55 1/2- '66: '73- '87) A truly handsome truck.

Justin said...

Love it, great to see it unmolested. Surprised some ZZ-Top reject hasn't took it and put it on an S-10 chassis, painted it some horrible candy color, and put American Racing rims on it.