1982 Isuzu I-Mark.

July 25, 2012



J+ said...

I swear these do not exist outside Portland.

Swiftman007 said...

wow the only i-mark Isuzu I know are the 88-89 one... Never saw this gen

Tony Piff said...

great shots, benny. please email me the full-res pic for a banner image.

SeattleO said...

These kinda look like 1st gen Mazda 626s. Which is a good thing. This is really cool looking, and interesting. Did these get good gas mileage, because it's a diesel and all? And, J+, they exist in Seattle as well. Saw an LS fastback coupe a week ago.

Anonymous said...

Aqui no Brasil, este carro era
fabricado pela General Motors
ate 1992, com o nome de Chevette
e com motores de 1000,1400 e
1600 cc.
Nao sei ai no USA,mas no
Paraguay,encontrei este mesmo
carro movido a diesel.

Ricardo Ventura.

Justin said...

Shame about that one missing trim ring on the rear steelie, aside from that, it's perfect.

slimwhitman said...

These were not sold in the Midwest. To this day, I have never seen one in person.

IsuzuGeek said...

Yeah, you guys have all the nice I-marks up there. I am still wanting a nice I-mark fastback coupe.

CSS said...

This car is very similar to Chevrolet Chevette here in Brazil.