1987 AM General Humvee Ambulance.

July 7, 2012

30k original miles. Rebuilt engine. Onboard diesel generator. .50 caliber machine gun mount. Spare ambulance shell (for sale).


Anonymous said...

For an apocalypse near you.

Justin said...

All set for December 21, 2012, haha.
Awesome find,insane that one of these got into civiliian hands, plus, it's one of the first Humvees.(1987)

Tony Piff said...

of course it's for sale.

...these original humvees really do have an authentic charm all their own, although this one is too military for anyone but a collector, i'd think.

i was trying to guess where this was located, and i thought it looked more like seattle suburbs than portland, with that ambiguous lack of a curb and gravel parking strip. then i saw dad in the background and thought i was probably right. right?

Ben Piff said...

I should have been more clear, the Humvee itself is most definitely not for sale (they've had it less than 2 weeks, husband seems open to offers but the wife ain't budging any time soon). She said, I made that mistake with my Camaro, and I've never seen another one like t since.

Unknown said...

What is the contact # for the owner?