1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4.

July 2, 2012



Anonymous said...

This is a super rare car. I had a friend that bought a few of these. He even had one he made into a race car. So much fun.

I believe they only made 1000 VR4s per year. And they even have a little plaque on the dash saying what number the car was in production (i.e. Car # 234 out of 1000).

Anonymous said...

Someone at my work has a dark gray one. Very rare indeed and much lighter than the evos.

Justin said...

Of course they're lighter, Evos have a bunch of plastic shit tacked on for "Hurr durr safety".
Awesome find, insanely rare and in a great color combo.

Andarius said...

Find the next model after it! I love that one!