OPC For Sale! 1978 Mercury Zephyr Wagon.

July 21, 2012

We loved the lowered stance, whitewalls, and baby moon hubcaps on this funky wagon when it was featured here in the second month of the blog's existence. The owner Jennifer recently hit us up and let us know that it is now for sale. The car has had recent mechanical attention and is said to be a reliable runner. Check out the interior customizations--wild!

Asking price is $2k. Email if you're interested.

June 2013 update: We just learned that the car has sold. Congrats, Jennifer!



Justin said...

Oh god, another stupid spambot.
I'd gladly buy it....and take that ridiculous leopard skin print interior uninstalled....this isn't a pimp's landyacht!
Otherwise, this is one killer Zepyhr.

Justin said...

*and get

Sam said...

hahaha I love this! 'OPC Exclusive'. Just make sure to do a follow up with the buyer. We want all the details on this beaut

Anonymous said...

would ya look at that! Just look at it!

Anonymous said...

Nice SAAB 9-5 visible through the windscreen

Dave said...

My brother drove a brown one of these for about ten years. He said it was the best car he ever had.