1964 Ford Falcon Futura.

November 5, 2012



Tony Piff said...

beautiful paint color, nice condition, not too shiny, just ready to drive.

i think these have great proportions for a four-door.

i kind of want one, and this is my favorite generation, but it also kind of just reminds me how much i want a four-door dart or valiant.

great light. i know that shiny, sopping black pavement makes for difficult shooting.

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a first generation falcon guy myself, but honestly I loveeee this '64. Such a solid, straightforward design overall. Definitely reminiscent of the dart and valiant, Tony. In that regard, I agree Id prefer one of those too. But again, great look here. Love the contrast between the tailloghts and that tint of green. Plus the matching wheels with stock hubs rock.

Just reminds me I want a falcon so bad.... Lol

Justin said...

Perfect DD condition, beautiful color too.

Dave said...

This car is just right. Who wouldn't want one?