1981 Toyota Celica Supra.

November 5, 2012



Tony Piff said...

oh man.

frankly, i don't care about supras as old parked cars. there just seem to be a lot that survived, kind of like z cars and mustangs.

so when this showed up in my feed, i kind of rolled my eyes and wasn't particularly enthused as i opened the page. but this thing is sweet.
the bra, the louvers, the parking job, the light, the compositions.

look at those taillights in jewel-like condition.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Just beautiful. However the mismatched wheels are a bit distracting.

Ben Piff said...

Been sittin on these photos since December 24 2010, yowza!

Justin said...

Gorgeous, shame about the driver's side rear steelie missing the center piece.

sexyhammer said...

ehhhh. mki supras were an interesting marketing experiment to gauge the interest in a larger gt in the american market to compete with the successful z car. other than that: ugly. slow. awkward. the only good thing it has going for it is that rear end, especially if it has the optional lsd.

i'd put a jack under it, drop it and throw it under my wagon before i drove a mki supra in any condition.

PHAT MAN said...

these are studded snow tires & steel wheels for the season,this car gets around