1963 Chrysler 300.

November 1, 2012



SeattleO said...

Oh yeah! Love the color, patina, and rear lights. Great silouette--looks too long for a 2 door! That blocky C (?)( the rear one) pillar is nice too.

Jim said...

Dig that crazy 1950s holdover windshield!

Justin said...

Great color and patina, love the mismatched whitewall and the hubcaps & profile shot.

Tony Piff said...

this was an in-between time for the chrysler designers, and the cars are really confusing to look at.

such a worthwhile old parked car. amazing texture.

clifton.ra said...

Chrysler downsized their full-size Dodge and Plymouth models. As a result, they did not sell well.
Muscle was still packaged in the full-size models in '63. John Z. had a tiger prowling for '64.

This would be a 300J in the letter series. The convertible paced the Indy 500.

House_Rulz said...

This is my car! I did not own it when this picture was taken, but I bought it in March 2016. She is not a letter car, she is a base 300.

The car is undergoing restoration, she will be ice box white, with red interior.