1971 Toyota Hilux.

January 27, 2013

1971 Toyota Hilux Pickup.
1971 Toyota Hilux Pickup.
1971 Toyota Hilux Pickup.
Ben seen it too!


great white tiburon said...

I love the first gens, they have the best looks. that front end with the quad headlights is cool, this one is weird in that the owner has adapted a newer tailgate to the rear, even though it looks a little off the owner did a good job of putting it on. I would love to drive one of these.

JG said...

Beautiful beautiful truck! I would also love to drive one of these - my father had a 1990 Toyota Pickup 22RE.. he owned it for 10 years and sold it for only $3,000 less than what he bought it for! These trucks hold their value. It's a shame most have rotten out!

Cash Lunsford said...

But where are the fender blinkers?

adam.giguere said...

Yeah, shouldn't it have the turn signals on the fenders?

Justin said...

Beautiful little Hilux. Great two tone as well.