1971 Rover 2000 Automatic.

December 17, 2013

1971 Rover 2000 Automatic.
1971 Rover 2000 Automatic.
1971 Rover 2000 Automatic.


Ben Piff said...

I don't know what it is about the state of this car that makes me want to preserve it and drive it exactly as it is. The only other one it reminds me of was that other sinister giant...was it a 60s Chevy you posted with some intentional black or red wheels? Everyone went gaga over that patina, and this is rubbin me the same way.

The wheels and stance must be a big part of it.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many of these beauties in the Portland area, and why do I want one so badly?

Dave said...

Wicked cool car!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it suffered an engine fire. Still a good looking car. The P5 rover had the old Buick V8.

JJ McMahon said...

I remember, being a kid, reading in my grandfather's house a Car & Driver Magazine that said: "The Rover 2000 TC is another one of C/D’s all-time favorite cars. When it first came on the market it was about the only sports sedan worth the title. Now both foreign and domestic manufacturers have leaped into this market with both feet but the Rover just keeps rolling along, picking up awards as it goes. This year the 2000 TC garnered a quarter of the total votes cast—against such stiff competition as the BMW 2000 TI and Tilux, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Super and Detroit’s leading contender, the Dodge Dart GTS." :-)
I still keep that magazine, and still consider this Rover a very desirable car, even if time proved that, like most of the British car of that time, it wasn't a reliable car ...

IsuzuGeek said...

"Why are there so many of these beauties in the Portland area?"

Because Portland is chock full of hipsters and hipsters love old weird shit like this.

Justin said...

Great patina. Shame that it looks like it suffered from an engine fire at one time.

Tony Piff said...

i know it's a terrible idea, but i want one of these, sort of seriously, and the fact that portland has a shop that specializes in them always makes me feel like maybe it would all work out just fine.

i'm sure i'd regret it.

but if the stars aligned, it could happen...

Anonymous said...

I have a 1969 2000 TC, yellow, that has not run for years but
biggest problems were carburetors and gearshift linkage at the end.
It has been in a garage in Los Alamos, NM for years, getting
dusty (and sooty from forest fires). Also a 1965 2000 SC parts
car, red with white top, missing rear differential, damaged de
Dion, sketchy about seats (the back seats in the yellow one are
shot, too, it sat at an Albuquerque shop outside and got
rained on a few times after vandals threw a rock through the
back window.) I'll probably have to give these to PBS or
Make-a-wish or something within days (4/15/2014).
Call at 505-662-3691 if interested.