1962 Dodge Lancer 170.

February 14, 2014



Anonymous said...

Ha! It must have been parked when the storm came last weekend, too heavy to move through the ice...love the clever saying the bar put up on their signboard in the background!

Tony Piff said...

beautiful. and ben's new hood is so photogenic.

that was an exciting three days, and then just like that, it's like it never happened. i even rode my bike tonight without a sweatshirt.

Justin said...

That juke box sign makes the side profile shot even better, lol.

Richard said...

A two door, and let alone a Lancer!

captaingizmo54 said...

These things made good hot rods too! Stuffed one with a 392 hemi backed with a 727
Torqueflight tranny. It made over 750 HP on pump gas. I built the engine using the
Project 200 article that ran in Rod & Custom magazine during the Summer of '71. I was
lucky to find a lot of the hop-up parts in our local wrecking yard. Screwed it all together
and promptly got into trouble. My BIL. lit 'em up right in front of the courthouse. Need-
less to say, the cop who stopped us had a revolving ticket book. The judge threw out
all the charges provided I sold the car to someone who would use it at the drag strip.
A friend of Dad's bought it and raced it for many years. Last I knew, the car was still
around. Man, was that ever a gas!

Tony Piff said...

what i wouldn't give to see one of these drag-racing.

captaingizmo54 said...

Well Tony, I got to see mine run high 12's at the dragstrip in Assumption, Illinois not
long after I sold it to a friend of my dad's. He took it through the traps in 12.98 sec-
onds at 124 MPH. Not bad for a car that was built in a backyard! He would race the
car through 1991. I was told by my BIL that it still exists today. Sure would like to see
it again. I have fond memories of that car every time I see one of these. It sure was
a wonderful summer!