1982 Chevrolet Red-E-Kamp Van.

February 15, 2014



great white tiburon said...

pretty sweet van. I've never seen those wheels before, I wonder if they were part of the RED-E-CAMP package. In my opinion those gemstone bubble windows complement the big side windows very well and those stripes give it a little bit of residual 70's custom flair.
awesome find.

Tony Piff said...

"factory graphics" tag deleted.

"airbrush" tag gleefully added.

joyous find. these used to be EVERYWHERE. now they are NOWHERE.

although i've noticed hipsters replicating them very recently, with varied results.

Tony Piff said...

+1 for the spare tire detail. dear lord.

Anonymous said...

"Cheech and Chong" tag.


Justin said...

That is the most late 70's-early 80's vehicle ever, this is def a best of candidate.
How about the F-250 in front?

Anonymous said...




that rear shot of the stickers & the spare tire is beyond belief.

Very, very cool van. Did I mention mindblowing?

Richard said...

Yeah I remember seeing these too and they're all gone. I have to admit the way the economy is going I'm not surprised if vans start selling again, you could put a bed in there, have room for your all your clothes, and other things. One last thing you would need to do is to buy a year membership at some gym for the shower/bathroom and you're set to go.

Ben Piff said...

What happened to the res?