1969 Toyota Corona.

February 13, 2014

Interesting that we spotted one, two, three of these in the first eleven months of the blog (one of which warranted a 2011 revisit), and then nothing for three years. Who needs more car than this?

1969 Toyota Corona Sedan.
1969 Toyota Corona Sedan.
1969 Toyota Corona Sedan.


Anonymous said...

Misfits at Fred Meyer buying cheap Kivu coffee. Thass wassup!

One has to wonder how they get their bike into or onto this car. I'm from Vancouver, Washington and never understood these strange vanity biking license plates.

Cool little car. Thanks for the pics. Enjoy the rain Friday.

swiftman007 said...

wow . And i just spotted a red two-door version over here in quebec for 6k


SeattleO said...

Wonderfully stock and original. Just has that "old Japanese" look about it.

The bike license plates are meant to show that many cyclists are also drivers (and vice versa), and dispel the myth that cyclists don't pay their way.

lucas said...

More of these! I want to pick up a 2 door but they are so hard to find.

captaingizmo54 said...

Lucas, you should've seen the one I let get away. A customer on my paper route had
the Bluebird 2-door hardtop. $600 american dollars would've made it all mine. It was
Yellow with a Black interior. It also had an automatic tranny in it too. The elderly lady
that owned it kept it in very good condition. We'd just bought our house when she
offered it to me. (Sigh) very sad.