1975 Honda Civic.

February 2, 2014

1975 Honda Civic.
1975 Honda Civic.
1975 Honda Civic.


Mike Kincaid said...

I've seen this car before, two weeks ago). Right around the corner is (was at the time) a mint 1982 or 1983 Honda Accord LX Hatchback. Red on red. Did you snap that one too?

Ben Piff said...

I loved passing by this recently, it feels so reassuring to know that there's one more of these classics in daily use. Even without stopping to shoot it, those few seconds passing it were valuable. I remember particularly liking the striking white Hondamatic badge, I think it was.

Thomas said...

Shouldn't this have a microcar-tag too?

(Sorry if asking stupid questions.)

I know from experience that this is really, really small car and here in North registered for 4 people(!).

Well, if they are circus clowns or very small people, then yes.

allen burger said...

i like that astro in the background.

Anonymous said...

loca demia de policia!


RoadmasterMike said...

Ah yes, the Hondamatic. Two-speed T-bar on the floor which had to be hand shifted from "Lo" to "Hi" range. Think Chevy Torque-Drive but with a floor shift.

Second pic: What is UP with that traffic sign (behind the van)??

rover215 said...

Hey! It's another one of my cars! I bought this for $800 and it needed tires and some ignition work. It's got 209k on it and runs well. It still has the Ron Tonkin badge on the rear, too. I'm gathering the parts to make it a manual by next Christmas.

JohnRMay said...

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