1962 Pontiac Grand Prix.

September 17, 2014

1962 Pontiac Grand Prix
1962 Pontiac Grand Prix
1962 Pontiac Grand Prix


Anonymous said...

That's just a really handsome car. Nice work.

clifton.ra said...


captaingizmo54 said...

Still looks great after all these years! Although I never owned a GP, I did have the pleasure
of owning a '62 Olds Starfire 2-door HT that was very similar to the Pontiac in many respects.
Both cars were smooth, powerful highway cruisers that could float along the interstate at well
over 90+MPH with no problem at all. Both cars were also quite roomy and comfortable as
well, meaning that the driver and passengers had room to stretch out on long trips. My Starfire
was so comfortable that my parents would sometimes borrow it for vacation trips while I was
on the road playing music. I'm sure that all the GP fans out there would say much the same
thing about their Pontiacs too. These cars were wonderful!

Unknown said...


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Really awesome cars.

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Anonymous said...

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Ed Raden said...

That surprised me. Its a twin to my '62 GP except for the interior color.

Ed Raden said...

I've had my '62 GP for 19 years and it is a wonderful car. I love how clean the GP lines are without any superfluous trim. The 8-lug wheels look so good on these cars too. The interiors are beautiful, power is great, mine is a tripower and a treat to drive round town or on the highway. Its the car my son gets out of the estate.

Anonymous said...

I had a 65 GP years ago,my favorite car ever!