1978 Avanti II.

September 9, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

Wow! What a great find! I haven't
seen one of these since I first moved to
Florida in the mid '80's. It was sitting
on a buy-here-pay-here lot in Winter
Haven. The car had definately been
through the mill, as it had some major
accident damage to the rear left quarter
panel. My FIL talked me out of buying
it when he saw that the frame was bent.
That was sad, I wanted that car.

Anonymous said...

What a sight!

c w swanson said...

I test drove a new one they were trying to sell way back when they were still making them. It drove like a big sedan, but I loved the long hood.

Anonymous said...

Still an affordable classic!

Justin said...

Looks pretty damn good on S/S mags, as over-used as they are.

Scott said...

I fell in love with the Avanti after finding my grandfather's stash of early 60's Playboy mags, and found a Studebaker ad. Looked ALMOST as good as the women!

Unknown said...

There is aocmpany that still sells thes but now they are just bastardized corvettes...yuck. I think Chrysler shoudl bring it back adn drop the hellcat hemi or viper v-10 in it. Market it as a super luxury version of the viper.