1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sedan.

September 1, 2014

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan


captaingizmo54 said...

Nice lines! Even though it is a 4-door
sedan...and those 5-spoke mags make
it even better!

Justin said...

Gorgeous Olds, shame that an accident put it out of commission.

Richard said...

The third-generation Cutlasses' are my favorite years for this model. I always like the 1972 models. I think it's because of the taillights. The front end of the 68' I like as well.

captaingizmo54 said...

Unless you see something I don't, that accident didn't put this car out of comission.
Those '70's GM cars were built to take a beating. It looks as though this car could
still be driven despite the accident damage. An old school bodyman could have the
body damage fixed in no time at all. Ya' gotta dig that burnt orange paint too! I'd
definately consider this car as a daily driver.

captaingizmo54 said...

A good friend of mine owned a '68 4-door sedan. Even on this model, GM made the
"Coke Bottle" body style work quite well. Hers really looked sharp wearing that silvery
Green paint job they had back then. She also told me that this car had a prototype
W-30 engine in it as well. She told me that the car was a real screamer, beating almost
anything it went up against at the stoplight drag races in the Winter Haven/Auburndale
area in the late '80's/early '90's. I tried to buy it from her, but to no avail. Sadly, the
car was scrapped in 1992 when the tranny blew apart, What a waste.

clifton.ra said...

The paint on the right rear quarter appears to be newer. I don't see any 'S' badge, but it has a lot of chrome for a basic Cutlass. 350 2v was bread and butter.