1966 Rambler Classic 770.

October 18, 2014



Grumpy Cat said...

I like the new layout guys!

captaingizmo54 said...

Very handsome indeed! By the mid-60's, AMC had some of the sharpest big cars around.
Compared to other companies, (Chevy, Dodge) they were some of the cleanest cars I'd ever
seen. Only the '65-'66 Ford LTD could compete with them in the styling department. I recall
that both my favorite Aunt and my Grandmother owned two very nice versions of this car. My
Aunt drove a '65 Ambassador sedan, and my Grandmother drove a Classic 990 wagon. Both
were very roomy and rode well. Had AMC put more into their big car effort, you just might've
seen a lot more of them on the road. As for the new format, it's easier to read with these
tired old eyes. Great find!

Justin said...

That shade of red really brings out the lines and the chrome on the car. Love the shot with the decaying bumper sticker.

Richard said...

If someone told me the photographs are of the East end of Suffolk County New York 1972, I would believe it. Well the silver truck and a silver car down the block would have to be removed from the picture.
Anyway I question if people had hindsight as to what happened to the American automobile and to where it ended up brings me to really wonder if more people would have bought Rambler's/AMC's. The only reason I'm saying this is because I think in this day & age it's become more common to seek uniqueness & that's something Rambler (along with Studebaker ) had.

clifton.ra said...

Sorry to disagree, but this car is stogie compared to a Big 3 full or mid-size from '66.
The styling was more refined on the other Detroit offerings.
This one looks like it could be from behind the Iron Curtain!
Don't get me wrong, it is a nice vehicle, but it is not a '66 trend setter. A grey haired widow would have traded it on a '67 Pontiac.
American Motors blew all the design budget on the Rambler.