1966 Rambler Rogue.

October 29, 2014



c w swanson said...

Looks like a tight, reliable no nonsense car. Where is my nearest Rambler dealer?

clifton.ra said...

A tap with a rubber hammer may pop that rear quarter panel dent.
Nice car. Rouge.
I would have thought it was an American.

Rod said...

dang that is Cool! tough stance and love the old torque thrust wheels.
put a set of slapper bars on it and go to the friday night drags

Tony Piff said...

dangit, you beat me on on this one.

it showed up along my commute about a week ago. i've been driving past it daily, waiting for it to move away from that stupid tree.

great shots.

Anonymous said...

similar to Torino from Argentina.

Justin said...

Looks mean as hell sitting on those black Torque Thrusts. Love that shot with the National Automobile Club sticker.

captaingizmo54 said...

Still looks fresh after nearly 50 years! My Aunt owned one 'til the day she had to give up
driving. Hers was a '64 model that ran a 232 6-cylinder mated to a 3-speed with overdrive.
It was also the Sport model that had the bucket seats with the shifter on the floor. Sadly, it
was sold settle her estate before I could buy it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!