1989 Honda Civic RT4WD Wagon.

October 19, 2014



Calvin said...

Wow, the new Outback in front looks like such a loser next to this. It looks like a bloated, unnecessary failure.

Anonymous said...

My first wife had one of these, I loved it.
Love the site update too. Lighter, brighter, and larger pics. Thank you for the update.

Justin said...

The new Outback is a pig-fat disgrace computer on wheels not even worthy of being called an automobile. The Wagovan, on the other hand, is an honest little wagon that you can get up too 300-400k on the odo no problem, not to mention they're pretty interesting with the 4WD.

Anonymous said...

I never owned one of these, but people I know who had them raved. I've acquired a fondness for the few I still see in the midwest, even if they're heavily modified.

If you like old Civic wagons, you will like this Wagonattack II video. I know it's old, and it's probably been posted on OPC before, but it's fun.


sexyhammer said...

I only ever hear:

- hype from current owners
- hype from previous owners
- hype from wannabe owners

but what i really want to know is:

- how capable of an AWD system are we talking?
- what type of use did Honda have in mind when they designed this car?
- if you loaded this car with 4 passengers and their snowboard gear, would you have the ground clearance to handle the typical conditions you'd encounter for that type of expedition?
- if the scenario is the same as above, does the car have enough power to handle said conditions?
- if the answer to the previous two questions is no, please see "what type of use did Honda have in mind when they designed this car?"