1970 Toyota Hilux.

October 10, 2014



Tony Piff said...

oh god yes.

ultimate color.

those stick-on diamondplate bumpers always bum me out, but the rear-facing spotlight is priceless. and what is that mailslot under the license plate?

and nice rack, indeed.

Tony Piff said...

interesting that my truck has different wheels...

SeattleO said...

Tony, I have to say, these steelies look a lot better than your steelies, and not just because they're color matched.
Beautiful Hilux, doesn't get much cooler than this.

captaingizmo54 said...

We were just beginning to see these trucks in the Midwest when I was in highschool. Some
of the guys would buy them, and then trick 'em out with those Jackman white spoked rims
perched on wide tires. They also added pinstriping and bed covers to the package as well.
I seem to recall a Yellow one that was outstanding. It had a Black interior and bed cover
along with what looked like American 5-spoke rims and black accent stripes. Now that was
an awesome Hi-Lux!

Justin said...

Agreed with SeattleO. Stock steelies on these are the best.

Donkey Hoaty said...

HAhaha! Cap'n, I think EVERY locale had one'a them yeller ones! :D

sexyhammer said...

Whoa. The size and stance of these little trucks from Toyota, Datsun and, Mazda put them in the same class as the Daihatsu Hijet. So few remain these days, it's a shame.

For laughs, I'd love to park one of these next to the comically-large modern Tacoma that supposedly fills the niche in Toyota's product line that began with the tiny Stout.