1967 Ford Galaxie 500.

November 26, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

My inlaws had one of these! It first
belonged to my former FIL who sold
it to my current MIL who drove it for
about four years before she sold it to
a neighbor that drove it til the frame
rusted through. That alone testifies
to the durability of these cars. They
were well-built with very reliable drive
lines. Used to see 'em on the road by
the hundreds, now this may be the only
survivor left on the streets. Beautiful
Fall pics and a great find too.

Richard said...

I would love to compare this particular car's sales to its competitors.
I have a feeling the Chevy & Plymouth models outsold the Ford. As far as memory goes I witnessed during the late 1970's-early 1980's much more rusted out/dead paint 67/68 Chevy Impala's on the road compared to the Fords. I also have noticed within in the last 20 years seeing a good amount of fully restored mint condition 66-67 Plymouths on the road (Old car shows) as well. I don't know why but I never see the Fords in this category either.

Anonymous said...

Giz, what'd your MILF drive?

clifton.ra said...

My uncle had a '68 XL.
The '68 XL did not have the Galaxie badging and was more angular. His was aqua over white, rocker panel racing stripe. Front buckets and console. It had hidden headlamps. 390 v8.

Tony Piff said...

this is a great post. just great. so great.

captaingizmo54 said...

Mother's car was a Galaxie 500 2-door HT very similar to this one. It was a Blue
Green with a matching interior. It had a 390 V8 with a C-6 tranny. She bought it from
my former FIL for $325.00 in 1981. I was very familiar with this car as I would help my
former FIL with the maintainance on it. When Mother bought it, I performed most of
the repairs to it as my then-current FIL was a long distance truck driver. Mother sold
this car in '84 to her neighbor, who drove it till the frame rusted in two. So ends the
story of Mother's '67 Galaxie 500.

RoadmasterMike said...

Ford actually sold over 850,000 big cars in '67 but it's true, they're not seen much on the old car show circuit. As CaptainGizmo mentioned frame rust was an issue on these especially in the Rust Belt...hard to restore a car once the frame is gone. My '69 Galaxie had the same fate and so did my friend's '65 but they were cool cars otherwise

Richard said...

Thanks for the info on the sales of the full size Fords.I guess that is true about the frames rusting out. I remember about 25 years ago I had an interest in this 1970 Mercury Marquis 4-door hardtop which was parked in someone's driveway. The car was dark blue. It looked really nice. I knocked on the door and I asked if it was for sale since the owner just took the license plates off the car. The owner told me the frame was rotted and he couldn't sell the car.

Justin said...

That front shot is awesome. So many leaves.