1980 Mercedes-Benz 230G.

November 16, 2014



Anonymous said...

Nice and brutal. Great straight lines. In profile it has horizontal symmetry.

BTW are we going to see the Mini that is lurking in the background?


RoadmasterMike said...

Nice to see one of these minus the bling. In NY these are all driven by hedge fund managers, gangsta rappers and ladies with 16 inch fingernails on their way to loofa class.

Anonymous said...

Nice ride!
The CH-sticker on the back shows that this car was registered in Switzerland. CH is the sign for Confederatio Helvetica, Switzerland in latin.
Greetings from there!

Unknown said...

It's beautiful and angular, and if it was a gas it would be inert

Unknown said...

Nice to see one of these being used for what it was intended. They never should have made the 4 door luxury version. It completely bastardized a great 4X4. The vehicale has become a cliche'd joke of the rotting morals and culture of the world now.